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Good morning folks!

Praise the Lord! I am sure all of us have testimonies to share. It is one thing to read the Scriptures and another thing to share His testimonies. Sharing our testimonies brings glory to God. It edified fellow believers. It encourages crushed spirits. It reaffirms our faith in God's providence. It refills us once again with love, joy and peace.

Let us take the time today to share His praises among the community of fellow believers, with friends, neighbors, family members, passerby's etc.

You can also share a word here at the Coffee table, in the comments box below.

On my part, I am grateful to God Almighty for His many mercies in our lives. Especially grateful for completely healing a severe eczema my daughter suffered for years! Praise the Lord! Nothing is impossible for our Lord. Amen.

May God bless you all! Happy Monday.

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